Criminal Defense

In the hours and days following an arrest, many people are scared and confused about what the future holds for them. They are often unsure if they face jail time, fines, or a tarnished record. They are also unclear about their chances of successfully defending themselves from criminal charges. If you have been arrested, you need to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can take the time to explain the charges clearly, answer your questions, discuss your options and devise an effective defense.

DUI: If you have been arrested on a charge of DUI (DWI), you must act quickly to defend yourself in the administrative case to suspend your driver’s license (you have 10 days to file for a hearing) and the court case involving possible jail time and a substantial fine. If you have already been convicted of a DUI, it may be possible to get your record expunged.

Public Intoxication and MIP: With an experienced attorney, it is often possible to mount a vigorous, effective defense against public intoxication charges. A charge of MIP (minor in possession) involves underage drinking, using a fake ID to obtain alcohol, etc.

Drug Cases: I capably handle felony and misdemeanor drug cases involving drug possession, transportation and trafficking, manufacture and cultivation, and charges of being under the influence of illegal drugs.

Domestic Violence: I provide vigorous representation for clients arrested for domestic assault or domestic battery. I also assist in obtaining restraining orders and protective orders.